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We have some external IOS app developers who have made a app for IOS (IPA package). They have send the IPA file to me, and they have signed it with their own developer certificate - and say that we must sign it with our own, before we can deploy it.

Should we as company just sign up for a developer app and then re-sign it or what must be used ? It must be noticed, the App must not be on "app store". It is a local company app that we want to deploy to company phones etc, so outside App store

Another note. I tried to put the Ipa on a phone through apple configurator 2. It install, but afterwards the icon stay "grey" - and when trying to click on it, the error comes that the application cannot be installed. Must the app not work through apple configurationer with manual installation ? - or has this also something to do with the developer signing etc ?

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Or should we as company sign up for an enterprise account, to be able to sign packages from different external partners that apply Ipa packages to us

Is the app for your company to distribute to it's employees?

If so, then you would need a Developer Enterprise Program account.

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Yes - it is to distribute to company employess

Just found out we have a enterprise account, that I can get access to

But how about the signing of the Ipa file ? - where can I find some information about how to sign it with our own signature instead of the current one, that is a external company

replying right now from my own apple id account - that is the reason for change of username, where my company is dvbgaj - sorry for confusion

Start here:

Distributing Enterprise Apps for iOS Devices (in-house, internal use)

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I have read it, but still there is missing some information about signing Ipa package. There is a option called "Install in-house apps wirelessly" that mention ipa package. But we have MDM solution, that should manage this - but missing information about how ipa packages can be distributed by MDM.

Is there a phone number to call apple on to get help on this ? or somewhere a guide to follow

A described my setup is quite easy.

I have a Ipa file, that I need to sign with my company own ID

When done, the ipa must be pushed to devices via Intune (the deployment from intune is no problem for me)

> we have MDM solution

From whom?

I've never done it, but Google gives some results when searching "resign .ipa with new distribution certificate". However, it looks like some of the results are outdated now, so they may not work.

We are using Sccm/intune

Yes there is really a lot on the internet, but most of it seems to be outdated


Apple & devForums can't help w/3rd party~ MS solutions. Best to contact those parties directly, instead.

Good luck.

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Any chance the external developers have info on how to do it? Especially if they develop for multiple customers, they may have picked up that knowledge. Or (depending on your agreement with them), they could deliver the complete Xcode project files, and you could load the project into Xcode to compile/archive/sign it. You'd have to set up Xcode with your company's Enterprise account.

It is not help for deploying with itunes I ask. It is simply how to re-sign the ipa package

That's what I mean - does the company that developed the application for you know how to re-sign an ipa package? I thought they might be able to tell you how to do it, espcially If they have developed apps for other customers too.

My other suggestion was that they give you the entire project files instead of just the ipa file, so you could sign it with your company's info in Xcode just like if you had developed it yourself. But if your contract with them doesn't include them delivering the source code to you, then they probably wouldn't be willing to give you the entire project files.