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I'm being driven slowly crazy by needing to open the "Library" panel in XCode 10 every time I want to drag a control onto a storyboard canvas.

Is there some way to restore the "docked" view of this, so that it's in the sidebar again rather than non-modal floating window? 😟

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From the Xcode 10b release notes...

New in Xcode 10 beta – IDE


Library content has moved from the bottom of the Inspector area to an overlay window, which can be moved and resized like Spotlight search. It dismisses once items are dragged, but holding the Option key before dragging will keep the library open for an additional drag.

The library can be opened via a new toolbar button, the View > Libraries menu, or the ⇧⌘L keyboard shortcut. Content dynamically matches the active editor, so the same UI provides access to code snippets, Interface Builder, SpriteKit, or SceneKit items. The media library is available via a long press on the toolbar button, the View > Libraries menu, or the ⇧⌘M keyboard shortcut. (37318979, 39885726)

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At first, I found it less convenient than the previous way, but:

- you will see the Library button at the top right of XCode, above Inspectors, on the left of Inspectors buttons).

And this pull down button is contextual, after long press, depending you are in

- IB : shows Object Library or Media Library

- In code: Snippet or Media Library

But I don't know where File Template Library has gone !

A good point : it is possible to move the window to avoid travelling a long time with the object, and to resize the window.

To keep this panel open after drag: just option-drag, and the window stays open. Great !

So, at the end, this design appear more flexible.

I beat my head against the wall all afternoon before finding the “Library” icon at the top right, instead of the area at the bottom. Will take some getting used to, for sure.

Agreed... so annoying! A three key shortcut will never be as quick as just having something there when you need it. Also, windows that hover over other content or functionality, that’s a pop-up! Their annoying on web pages and their annoying here 😟

Why not have the object library as a pane in the right hand inspector? That way you could have it permanently visible when you’re working with objects in a storyboard. Sounds a little bit radical perhaps, but hey... it wouldn’t be as annoying as having it disappear over and over and having to use the keyboard very time you want to initiate an action you complete with a mouse or trackpad anyway!

Is it really so different? Isn’t a collection of things to click on not just another collection of things to click on? Would mixing in a list of objects with a bunch of lists of properties annoy anyone that matters?

Why not give the user the option to stick with what they prefer rather than drop functionality in favour of something that requires more effort and is annoying, and doesn’t add any value, and is annoying. It’s just different... and annoying, very annoying!

As a rule, if it’s more effort to do something, its annoying, and, if it’s more effort to do something it’s pointless. And, if it’s more effort to do something, yep! It’s more effort to do something... and annoying!

just because a person can learn a slick 3 key shortcut, doesn’t make a slick, unnecessary and annoying, 3 key shortcut any less annoying, it‘s still just annoying extra effort.

It’s “objectionist”, possibly even a little seperatist at the very least.

So, yes! I agree... It’s annoying 😡 very, very annoying


Without prejudice and in good humour, but it’s still annoying ;o)

Well, I must say I can see the motivation in doing this (small screen size working with Macbooks) but I think they should make it optional or, at least, give us a way to pin the window to a panel or having it always open on top (that way we will be able to have it in another monitor, for example).

I hope they will give us something so because I've been working with SceneKit (AR) these days and, indeed, it's very "annoying" 😀 I haven't found a way to add a custom node to the library other than quit Xcode 10 and doing it in Xcode 9. I'm sure this will change through the next betas.

Just pinged your other thread..

Xcode 10 beta 1. How to add something to library or pin the library window?

To get the templates, looks like you add a new file and go to resources under iOS. Thats how I had to add a SceneKit Scene File

I strongly vote for this (hope Apple products are reading this)

At 0:37:15 of the Platforms State of the Union video, keeping the library window open while repeatedly selecting items is clearly demonstrated. Additionally, the option of having the window automatically dismiss after use is mentioned.

Sadly, the 'Options' icon visible in the upper right corner of the Library window in the Xcode build used on-stage is conspicuously missing from the public beta builds. It risks eliciting an 'Expected behaviour' response, but perhaps it's worthwhile citing this portion of the video in radars.

In today's release notes for Xcode 10 beta 4:

Holding the Option key when opening the Library will cause it to remain visible until it is manually dismissed, rather than automatically closing after each use. (40880961)

> today's release notes for Xcode 10 beta 4: "rather than automatically closing after each use."

They promised basically the same thing w/the first 10 beta back on June 5...

"...holding the Option key before dragging will keep the library open for an additional drag."

This is not that. This keeps it open permanently. The old way you had to remember to hold down Option at each use.

You're right...now option disables auto close, instead of just two-shot before auto close. ...head hurts 😉

IB goes full circle from a separate stand alone tool, to a fully integrated tool, to separate floating modals.

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Yeah, this is really annoying and I'm not sure what the problem was they were trying to solve. Then they add the weird behavior of it staying open once you drag an item with the option key down. Seems totally unintutive and unnecessary. Why not just have a "Keep Library View open" preference? Better yet let me dock it to the huge empty space I now have below the inspector view. This really seems like change just for the sake of change.

>This really seems like change just for the sake of change.

Which Apple has apparently endorsed for some time now. Best way to look like you're busy when the boss checks in.