Is wakeups_resource.ips a crash?


My users report crashes of my app but in "iOS Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Analytics Data" they don't find regular crash reports. But one user send a report with the name "mytracks4ios.wakeups_resource-2018-10-12-104731.ips".

Here is the content:

{"app_name":"mytracks4ios","timestamp":"2018-10-12 10:47:31.95 +0200","app_version":"5.1.2","slice_uuid":"91105FB1-2963-34CF-960E-4D1339679EDB","adam_id":358697908,"build_version":"199","bundleID":"info.stichling.mytracks4iphoneos","share_with_app_devs":false,"is_first_party":false,"bug_type":"142","os_version":"iPhone OS 12.0 (16A366)","incident_id":"6C1DE657-EBEF-4658-A2C3-D2AEAF6FCA05","name":"mytracks4ios"}
Date/Time:       2018-10-12 10:47:19 +0200
End time:        2018-10-12 10:47:30 +0200
OS Version:      iPhone OS 12.0 (Build 16A366)
Architecture:    arm64
Report Version:  27
Incident Identifier: 6C1DE657-EBEF-4658-A2C3-D2AEAF6FCA05

Data Source:     Microstackshots
Shared Cache:    0xab18000 71D8E433-B619-3FC6-9F11-608BF2311FB8

Command:         mytracks4ios
Path:            /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/8B39C1F4-1E11-4E0B-8798-FD487F319414/
Identifier:      info.stichling.mytracks4iphoneos
Version:         5.1.2 (199)
Beta Identifier: 42E181B6-4089-4469-AD69-BD9F7EF05495
PID:             2950

Event:           wakeups
Action taken:    none
Wakeups:         45001 wakeups over the last 255 seconds (177 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds
Wakeups limit:   45000
Limit duration:  300s
Wakeups caused:  45001
Duration:        11.04s
Steps:           12

Hardware model:  iPhone7,2
Active cpus:     2
Boot args:        

Heaviest stack for the target process:
  12  ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 45660) [0x18b60925c]
  12  ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 45820) [0x18b6092fc]
  6   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 2495912) [0x100db95a8]
  5   ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 143116) [0x18b584f0c]

Powerstats for:  mytracks4ios [2950]
UUID:            91105FB1-2963-34CF-960E-4D1339679EDB
Path:            /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/8B39C1F4-1E11-4E0B-8798-FD487F319414/
Architecture:    arm64
Parent:          UNKNOWN [1]
UID:             501
Footprint:       753.27 MB
Start time:      2018-10-12 10:47:19 +0200
End time:        2018-10-12 10:47:30 +0200
Num samples:     12 (100%)
CPU Time:        0.028s
Primary state:   7 samples Frontmost App, Non-Suppressed, Kernel mode, Effective Thread QoS Default, Requested Thread QoS Default, Override Thread QoS Unspecified
User Activity:   0 samples Idle, 0 samples Active, 12 samples Unknown
Power Source:    0 samples on Battery, 0 samples on AC, 12 samples Unknown
  12  ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 45660) [0x18b60925c]
    12  ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 45820) [0x18b6092fc]
      6   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 2495912) [0x100db95a8]
        5   ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 143116) [0x18b584f0c]
        1   ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 143120) [0x18b584f10]
          1   <User mode>
      3   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 2145488) [0x100d63cd0]
        3   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 480420) [0x18b4fa4a4]
          3   ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 144424) [0x18b585428]
            1   <User mode>
      1   ??? (libsystem_pthread.dylib + 15592) [0x18b601ce8]
        1   <User mode>
      1   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 2496112) [0x100db9670]
        1   ??? (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 143116) [0x18b584f0c]
          1   <User mode>
      1   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 2016916) [0x100d44694]
        1   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 1976508) [0x100d3a8bc]
          1   ??? (<E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8> + 1193636) [0x100c7b6a4]
            1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 336512) [0x18b4d7280]
              1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 338508) [0x18b4d7a4c]
                1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 272956) [0x18b4c7a3c]
                  1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 318432) [0x18b4d2be0]
                    1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 424448) [0x18b4eca00]
                      1   ??? (libsystem_c.dylib + 282688) [0x18b4ca040]
                        1   <User mode>

  Binary Images:
           0x100600000 -                ???  mytracks4ios            <91105FB1-2963-34CF-960E-4D1339679EDB>  /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/8B39C1F4-1E11-4E0B-8798-FD487F319414/
           0x100b58000 -                ???  ???                     <E0DA27EE-A1D9-3DEF-8832-9785C7F48CD8>
           0x18b485000 -        0x18b503fff  libsystem_c.dylib       <40DD5C3B-586A-38EB-9F52-74D994ECD9D2>  /usr/lib/system/libsystem_c.dylib
           0x18b562000 -        0x18b58cfff  libsystem_kernel.dylib  <982CCBAD-717D-3A28-946E-BA07918897A3>  /usr/lib/system/libsystem_kernel.dylib
           0x18b5fe000 -        0x18b60efff  libsystem_pthread.dylib <D2815AB1-46C1-3831-82FC-D22AE83B0CAD>  /usr/lib/system/libsystem_pthread.dylib

Now I would like to know whether this may be the reason for the crash or whether this report or more like a warning but not really the reason for the crash.



  • Yes this hardware has caused me nothing but trouble since day 1. I don’t want it I don’t need it and while injured and on bed rest I don’t this this crap!

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We have the same situation with some of our users and received the same kind of logs.

It seems that "Action taken: none" in the logs indicates that these don’t represent crashes, but it’d be great to get an official answer to this.

About 99.9% it’s an attack on your Kernels. The crash allows access, to everything once the crash happens your phone will be bombarded with 10,000’s of code spam and spam, There’s an attack for apps to become “assets” then secret apps install tv provider I believe to be one. I’d do an extensive search on your IP’s and interfaces, make sure your using your providers ip addresses. Also look for MiTM attack, use (http catcher) to analyze your traffic, check if your internet is secure.
http://. Https:// without the www I believe is also unsecure. You can also check your http headers.
hackers, law enforcement have access to Super backend developer Ai Services “learning machines“ servers, cloning,and about every threat and developer tool you can imagine at a low cost, through Amazon AWS,MICROSOFT, and whole list of similar super powered companies, these service/signals using actual phone service that Amazon, Microsoft, provide. Voice rec, pattern & number detection, etc. That bypasses your carrier, intercepts, as a trusted carrier because it is. The service is for “legitimate developers” but anyone can sign up. Hackers/law enforcement basically sit dormant on servers around the world with hundreds of apps, services, etc sucking information looking for next target, attacking then stores at extremely low cost Things get ugly if They link to you, virtually undetectable. Some scary shit.
Also Amazon etc allow you to name your own server, so it’s possible to be spoofed doing dns checks, up checks, etc. reverse searches only get you so far, most attacks will be using untraceable ip’s. Used for closed networks.

I’ve been to the police, with a ransom letter I received in hand. They DID NOT DO ANYTHING. Basically laughed at me for thinking they would. I’ve lost everything.