Download old versions of macOS once on mojave

I would like to test an app on older macOS versions (specifically 10.13) but I cannot download the installer anywhere. Most tips suggest going to the Purchased section on the Mac App Store and indeed this worked previously, but as of macOS Mojave old versions no longer show up here. I also cannot find it under Developer Downloads section.

Does anybody know where to find an official installer?

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I know it's a long time ago, but the links fold older macos versions don't work anymore.......

any suggestion how to go from sierra to high-sierra or mojave ? (catalina is not an option)

I am still trying to setup a VM with virtualbox. Main issue is, that i have not found install_images from e.g. mojave. I can download the mojave_installer of course, but that is (of course) not in an iso or hdd format.

So i am still looking on how to setup a VM.

How did you do the iniatl installation?

There is no need to use a free trial of Parallels. Parallels Desktop Lite is free in the Mac App Store:

I runs macOS VMs for free and doesn't have any kernel extensions to deal with. I highly recommend it.

Here is the link:

Download macOS installer

It turns out you can still download macOS versions from the App Store, using direct links, even though it's not visible in the Purchased section any more (probably requires previous purchase, but not sure). Here are the links to a few recent versions:

It will start downloading in the Settings app; this is expected.

Install as a Parallels VM

Although you obviously won't be able to run the installer from a newer macOS, you can create a virtual machine easily as Parallels will offer to install the OS for you. Just choose "Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file" and then select the installation image. Parallels will then prompt you to create a bootable disk image file (*.hdd format).

Install on other VMs or hardware

Once you have the bootable disk image file from Parallels (yeah, unfortunately you need Parallels for this; but you can use a free trial if you do not have a license) you can convert this into a DMG file like so:

  1. Right click the bootable disk image file (*.hdd) file that Parallels created for you (see above)
  2. Choose "Show package contents..."
  3. Copy the "*.hdd.hds" file to a different location
  4. Rename it to *.dmg