how to fill out tax information as non-U.S. citizen?

I am an individual person (not employed at a developer studio or owning a business) living in Switzerland. I made my first iOS app with Unity that uses in-app-purchases (IAP) and to successfully implement them I need to provide the U.S. tax information in AppStore Connect. I have open questions in the linked screenshot regarding the form. Is it correct to choose SSN at point 5 and add 000000000 (9 x zero) in the space provided for the tax ID (point 6) like several online resources advice? What belongs to the field "Title"? etc. (link to the image)

Maybe you can give a more reliable feedback to this open questions as the Apple Reviewer suggested me to come here and ask. Thank you very much.

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Confirm your course of action via US Govt. docs here:

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MNENAD: I'm looking your comment here and i need to let you know i am having today the same question, Would you please help me by letting me know what needs to be included on TITLE?

Please advise.
I am also looking for that answer. What should I use in "Title" text field? Can anyone confirm that to me please? Thanks
I am an individual developer and I ran into this question now.
After a couple of google searches, This is what I learnt.

Title - " Mr. " or " Mrs. " or " Ms. " ; Whatever goes in front of your name.
Capacity in which acting - "Individual" , "Self" and a couple of answers were there , but I went with "Individual"

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