App Rejected 1.4 Safety: Physical Harm


our app is already on the App Store, but we were rejected during the last review. The app is available here -

The reason from the review team is that our app is marketed as a blood alcohol content calculator but does not have associated hardware to perform these calculations accurately.

Our calculations are based on the Widmark formula which is available here - So the app itself does not need any associated hardware.

We do not understand where is the problem and why the app was approved multiple times and now not. The last update did not change nothing important in the app so it is not the problem. We sent all the information (Widmark formula etc.) to review team and asked them, in which way we break 1.4 guideline rule. But we received this - We are not able to provide feedback on app concepts or features...

Can anyone help us to understand where can be a problem?


Did you appeal?

If so, what did you say?

How many times?

How many rejections?

What did each rejection say?

Were you told to make changes to meta data and not re-submit another build?

Were you told to resubmit?

The fact that your app was approved in an earlier review and is now rejected is not substantive.

Does your app make clear to the user that it is using the Widmark formula, not a direct Blood Alchohol sensor, and its accuracy is therefore limited by the accuracy of that fomula?

Does your app "remind users to check with a doctor in addition to using the app and before making medical decisions"

If so, appeal pointing out a reference source for the accuracy of the Widmark formula and telling App REview that this is clearly stated in the app itself.


you are right that previous approvement is not substantive, but last successful review was only one week before and nothing important during that week had changed. It is like one week you are OK and other not. So we trying to understand why.

When you first run the app, you will see Disclaimer. This Disclaimer and other info like About calculation (where is Widmark formula as a link) are also available anytime in About app tab.


The results from this alcohol calculator application are an approximation only. The use of our application is in no way a representative test that can substitute the real breathalyzer test or even blood test for alcohol.

Regularly drinking more than 14 units a week risks damaging your health. One unit equals 10ml of pure alcohol.

The developers of this application and its agents, employees and officers are not liable, either directly or indirectly from the results of the calculated alcohol level and your actual alcohol level.

By using this app you agree with this declaration.

No, we do not remind users to check with the doctor. Do you think, that it is so important and could be one of the reasons for rejection?

>The reason from the review team is that our app is marketed as a blood alcohol content calculator but does not have associated hardware to perform these calculations accurately.

I see you mention this more than once, but you don't seem to recognize what it means. How do you feel about 'associated hardware'? Is that something you can comply with?

Unlike my esteemed colleague KMT, I think your disclaimer should work. I'd add a bit like ... 'Consult your doctor before making any health decisions regarding this approximation of your blood alcohol level'. I'd appeal pointing out the disclaimer makes clear that this is an approximation. Add in something like "similar to Apple's excellent approximation of 'calories expended in exercise' based on a calculation involving number of steps, weight and speed, this app approximates blood alcohol level based on input, weight and time. The approach is similar to, but more accurate than, the guidelines issued by the NIAAA of the NIH."

>Unlike my esteemed colleague KMT, I think your disclaimer should work

Where did I say that? I only mentioned the hardware and apparent lack thereof. We can get to the disclaimer later, if the OP likes, but I think it's mute at this point and have no opinion on it's effacy. If App Review wants hardware, and none exists in this case, that's an issue.

Speaking of alcohol, how's the vacay going, by the way?

Thanks for all your replies, we add your advice to our disclaimer and try an appeal.

Have a nice day 😀

I have similar issue with Apple review now. I see your app is still published in App Store. Did you successfully appeal? Or is this still an old binary that they still allow to be published somehow?