Is the iOS app size limit 100 MB, 2 GB or 4 GB?

Greetings, all. I am working on an app that I would like to have as many graphical assets included as possible, so the user will have as simple a first-time experience as possible. But I'm wondering how much content I can include and not run afoul of Apple's certification techies.

I have seen that the "over-the-air" limit on app size is 100 MB, but I don't know what that means. Is that a limit set by Apple? Or is that limit set by mobile carriers? I saw elsewhere that the limit was 2 GB (on what?) but was bumped this year to 4 GB.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be most appreciative!



The 100 MB 'over the air' limit is to avoid runaway fee$ when downloading over a cellular connection only - since the carriers would be involved, I suspect they set the guidelines that Apple works to follow to help avoid surprises and complaints from users.

The 4 GB limit [ ]is for total app size in the store (follow-on downloads per app can and do exceed that limit), and helps to establish controls so that Apple knows the up/down burdens to expect on their servers, and users can have some idea of what impact the average app may have on their device's storage.