Apple rejected my game due to 'inappropriate references to COVID-19'

First post here, so sorry if its in the wrong place.

So, I have submitted my game for review 3 times now, and every time it has been rejected on the grounds it 'includes inappropriate references to COVID-19.' But my app contains no mentions of coronavirus, nor any indirect references. My simple, free game consists of throwing ****** rolls into shoppers baskets, and thats it. There is no way that anyone could construe that as being offensive or inappropriate. There aren't any references to any kind of illness or disease whatsoever. And yet, Apple has rejected it 3 times - I have appealed but it is taking a little while. By that logic, all games on the app store that have ****** paper in them should be taken down as well?!

Can anyone, maybe Apple Support(?), help me and give guidance what I need to change - will be annoyed if all my work in this game is for nothing!

Game Screenshot

Message From Apple

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Your timing might just be bad, but the reference would be to the ****** paper shortages that are one of the headline items of the current pandemic. It would appear that they don't want apps of this kind in the App Store, but you would need to continue your discourse with the review team.

Yeah, that is what I assumed - but by that logic there are hundreds of games on ****** paper that Apple should take down. I just find it crazy that they would allow violent games such as COD, with many people dying in wars in real life, but not this simple arcade game.

Thanks for your advice - I plan on continuing the appeal.#

EDIT: It has been rejected upon appeal. I just don't know what to do.

You can't do any thing if they don't want this app in the apps store . Yes maybe there is a lot of similar games or apps in the store , but this will not help to get your app to be approve . They can reject any app for any reason or even if they just they didn't like it . So what we can do ? best advice move on in another project and new app idea ! that's my advice .

I have solved , by adding curl php to delete Covid news underneath