Testflight without internal testers?


Is it possible to set up an app in TestFlight with external testers only?

I know it sounds like an odd request. The reason I want to do this is because:

1. My company is an agency that writes apps for many different customers. We usually get the customers' Apple Developer credentials so we can manage their accounts for them.

2. I want to have a few people from my internal QA team review the apps I work on before my customers see them for the first time.

I tried adding one of my testers as an iTunes Connect user on the customer's account. This doesn't work because the tester is already an iTunes Connect user on another account.

With the old TestFlight before Apple took it over, I had direct control over which users I wanted to allow to see each build... new version doesn't seem to have any similar capability.



Not possible.

You must enable at least one internal user (most likely yourself if you are the developer) and submit the app for review/approval before your external test users will be sent an invite. You can add as many external users at any time but they won't be sent a request until the app has passed the review process. Internal test users can be sent the app immediately after it is uploaded but they need to be listed on your developer account with a role of technical, legal, admin et al.