[iOS Safari] Fullscreen API on a non-video element

webkitEnterFullScreen API is supported on iOS for video element, but not for a div element. Also as a fullscreen demo website shown, Safari on macOS supports div element but not on iOS.

Is there any plan to add the support in iOS? If not is there any way to fullscreen a div element or make it run as fullscreen on Safari iOS?

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Calling the fullscreen API on an arbitrary element is available on iPadOS. Thanks for the request to make it available on iOS.
Calling the fullscreen API on an arbitrary element DOES NOT WORK on my iPadOS, 7th generation.
The screenfull.js demo does not work either. Anybody knows how I can make it work?

PS. I tried to use both Chrome and Safari on my IPAD. In both of the browsers, web page does not go to fullscreen.
The fullscreen API works ok on iPadOS (webkit prefixes required) - I just tested it today on a 5th gen iPad. The biggest issue is that when an input is focused, it bounces out of full screen mode, so that has to be detected, and the user has to interact to bring it back into fullscreen mode if that's appropriate.

Still no luck on iPhones - doesn't seem to be supported. An installable webapp (PWA) will probably work better, but that's not the same as the fullscreen API (eg you can't fullscreen a specific element).