UI Testing Failure - App accessibility isn't loaded

I think I've encountered a new way to fail.

t = 1.13s Waiting for accessibility to load

t = 61.14s Assertion Failure: UI Testing Failure - App accessibility isn't loaded

This happens when running an integration via Xcode bot, on a rather large codebase The test runs fine on my local machine's Xcode, but fails on the server.

A simple toy app also finishes integration without any issues, so likely the app is triggering some bizarre edge case.

Can anyone at Apple comment on whatever could be causing this?


And it fails EVERY TIME. Haven't been able to successfully complete an integration so far XD

we're also having a similar issue.

I'm also seeing the one minute delay. The call to XCUIApplication.launch() in my setUp method blocks for exactly one minute:

    t =     1.45s             Waiting for accessibility to load
    t =    61.45s             Wait for app to idle

That one minute wait definitely seems wrong, but in my case the tests continue successfully after that. I'm using the Xcode 7 GM.

Plese file a bug report (using the Report Bugs link at the bottom of this page) with the information provided here. Thanks!

Is there any update to this? I'm having the same problem, making UI Testing impossible.

My suspicion is that it's related to the fact that my app doesn't immediately become idle once launched, it goes and makes a few network connections and subsequent display updates (based on the network responses) before fully coming idle. But that's just a guess, since this problem didn't occur when I was playing with testing on "toy" apps.

I can't seem to find any bug reports on this topic from anyone that has chimed in here? Without bug reports, it's difficult for us to make progress on the issues that matters the most to you. Please consider filing bug reports (using the Report Bugs link at the bottom of this page).

Hi Joar - I've added one, 22869683.


-- Steve


Yes, thank you!

We're seeing this problem, too. I wonder if anyone else is willing to share some details about their app?

In our case, we started an app in early 2013. Recently we forked the project and changed its name for some major internal changes. The interesting thing is that UI Testing works OK for the original project, but the renamed project exhibits this problem. We haven't been able to find any other scenarios where it works sometimes and fails at other times.

I haven't had any success isolating the problem into a sample project that I can submit with a Radar.

We have figured out a solution to our specific problem that causes this and submitted a new Radar (23113807) with a sample project.

Our problem turns out to be pointing the launch screen at a storyboard that is also used for code, and has connected outlets to a UIViewController subclass. These outlets can't be resolved by springboard while it generates a launch image, and it seems to fail over and over, before timing out after 60 seconds.

Clearing out the launch screen storyboard setting or disconnecting the outlets resolves the problem, and UI tests don't hang for 60 seconds.

Hi Joar,

I've been seeing this error intermittently with our builds on Xcode 7.1 and 7.0. I've logged a radar 23498674.


Very interesting. Thanks for your bug report!

I'm also seeing this error. It happens with this app:


And happens 60 seconds after calling XCUIApplication.launch

Has anyone had a response about this issue?

I've raised ticket 23687653 with logs to see if that helps