Setting up the Apple TV Dev Kit

Here are some tips on setting up the new Apple TV Dev Kit, because you can't just plug it into your TV as soon as you unbox it.

First you need to download the tvOS Beta from here:

Next you need to install the beta to the Apple TV, it doesn't come with it installed already.

1. Plug the Apple TV into an outlet and into your computer with the usb-c cable

2. Launch iTunes (v12.2.2 works fine)

3. Option click the "Restore Apple TV" button and select the tvOS Beta .ipsw file you downloaded before.

Then you need to register your Apple TV with your developer account.

1. In Xcode (v6.4 or higher) under "Window > Devices" click on the Apple TV

2. If it's just showing the device logs at first click the down arrow to see the device info

3. Copy the Identifier and register on the dev center just like you would an iPhone

That's it! Just plug your Apple TV into your TV and set it up. If you have iOS 9.1 installed on a device you can use that to set it up easier, otherwise you can just use the remote.

Good luck building your tvOS apps, I can't wait to see what you create!


Hi Tim,

I can't download tvOS beta. When I click on the download link, it takes me to the Apple ID login then to the Apple ID settings page. Any ideas?

I had the same issue. For me it was because my primary email hadn't been verified.

Using iTunes 12.3, after clikcing on "Restore Apple TV", I get a message saying that "Software for this Apple TV is not currently available. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and try again". I have the .ipsw file for the new Apple TV but can't get it onto the device. Any ideas?

Are you holding down the Option key while clicking "Restore Apple TV"? You have to hold that key down while clicking to get the file picker dialog that will allow you to choose the .ipsw you downloaded.

Found the solution here:

They missing info was "hold down the option key while clicking restore."

Got it, thanks!

Try option-click on the button.

I followed those steps, but it won't activate.

Getting the error message:

"Date and time couldn't be set. Try again. If the provlem persists, contact Apple Support."



Thank you for posting this, I was just about to post something asking how to get this thing going. A couple of follow-on questions, if you don't mind.

How do you load apps onto the Apple TV from Xcode? Do i need to unplug the Apple TV and plug it back into my Mac every time I want to build & run my app, or do apps install over some other method (Wifi, bluetooth, etc.)?

And finally, will the Apple TV running the tvOS beta still function as a regular AppleTV? (i.e. AirPlay, Netflix, etc.)? It'd be nice to be able to take a movie/TV watching break every now and then 🙂

First question i have not tried yet, but with regards to netflix im sorry to say it's mot available yet. Only apple standard apps like movies, photos etc. are currently available.

Did you find a solution to the "date and time couldn't be set" problem? I'm seeing the same error.

Edit: never mind, it suddenly started working just by itself. Maybe a network problem?

Are you connecting via Ethernet or WiFi?

I had the problem with Ethernet, but unplugged it, setup with WiFi and then plugged in Ethernet again.

The solution that worked for me, was activating the unit, Tethered to the iPhone. It was not possible on my local network, wired nor via Wi-Fi.

AirPlay seems to work OK so far, including from the Netflix app, so I am able to get Netflix on my Apple TV, in a sort of roudabout fashion 🙂

Just a quick note to say the outlined process went smooth and my 2015 ATV is up & running w/test tvOS apps installed, etc., thanks.