Cryptic error message- what is "user account" and "iTunes provider"?

This is the error message when I validate or upload to app store-

"Your user account is attached to several iTunes providers. Create separate accounts for each provider before logging in."

I'm trying to figure out what they mean by "user account" and "itunes provider". These terms don't produce search results that help any and the error itself does not come up in a google search.

I thought apple was the only itunes provider? Does "itunes provider" mean the same thing as "developer team"? That would mean they are asking me to create an additional apple account for each developer team, then what is the point of having developer teams? Is apple really asking me to pay an additional $100 for an additional account for each developer team that I am on? I just want to upload something to the app store and this is really confusing.

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We've encoutered the same error after adding our clients account to our team on Itunesconnect. Currently we're unable to login to aplication loader as we're receving the same error "Your user account is attached to several iTunes providers. Create separate accounts for each provider before logging."

The only information that we where able to find was from the start Menu on itunes connect:

1. New Features and Upadtes

We've introduced new roles and updated existing ones, so you can set up your team's access to your apps in a more powerful way. These roles can be managed in Users and Roles on iTunes Connect.

In addition, if you have access to multiple iTunes Connect providers, you'll now be able to link all of them to one Apple ID. Check the WWDC session video and our FAQ for more information.

From FAQ
2. Can I use the same Apple ID for two different developer accounts on iTunes Connect?

Yes. Your Apple ID can be added to multiple iTunes Connect providers, so you can sign in and switch easily between providers.

3.Instruction from library concerning Setting up user account.

Yet we're unable to find instructions on how to do it stepy by step continue uploading aplications through Aplication Loader.

I am having the same problem and called Developer Support, apparently you can't have more than one team associated to your Apple ID for iTunes Connect and they told me that in order to use Application Loader I need to either be removed from the other teams or use a unique Apple ID for the one I want to upload the app to. Very confusing 😐

This seems to be a missed requirement with the new features they added to iTunes Connect. I'm having the same issue, and found it when attempting to download dSYMs for an app using bitcode.

"I am also having the same issue ("Your user account is attached to several iTunes providers. Create separate accounts for each provider before logging in.") when trying to download a dSYM file.

It does *sound* like a roles issue. Strangely enough, I was able to switch between two different itunes "groups" that my developer id is associated with. Maybe thats what is meant by "iTunes providers".

It's obvious that Apple added the multiple providers feature to iTunes Connect but didn't update Application Loader. Now we can't upload updates for any of our customers... This is a blocker and needs to be addressed ASAP, Apple!

I have found a workaround to this issue. Go to iTunes connect and login with the admin itunes connect account. Create a new apple id with a new email account. Make that account the admin under users and roles.

After that sign in at least once to your new itunes connect account. Then proceed your app submission with application loader with the new account. I was facing the exact same issue and i fixed it this way!

This didnt work for me 😟

This needs to be immediately addressed. This is causing all kinds of problems with client product deployment right now.