Application Transport Security ?

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Adding the following to your Info.plist will disable ATS


Where in the doc did you find this information? Is there more useful information?

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It's not in the documentation. I found it by doing a search of the contents of the CFNetwork binary. There are other keys, but I haven't figured out how to use them yet.

The info you are looking for:

NSIncludesSubdomains = YES
NSExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy = NO
NSExceptionMinimumTLSVersion = "TLSv1.1"

Check it out in WWDC session 711 @ 5:55


That's good if you've found your solution, however a word of caution re the iOS9 beta and HTTPS: at least one bug exists where legitimate HTTPS URLs are not seeing successful connections because of an SSL bug. See my issue here: - although this is an SSL issue to do with Mapkit URLs, I would expect it'd be affecting more than just those. Most SSL issues resolve down to a lack of trust; by design if anything in the trust checklist between two parties doesn't succeed, the whole request fails. Anyway, regarding this beta and its SSL problem, if I find a way of working around this, I'll update that linked issue above.

The problem may be that ATS is requiring TLS 1.2-only servers, presumably to prevent attacks that involve downgrades to lower versions of the protocol. Evidence in favour of this is that Amazon servers (which do support TLS 1.2) are also blocked, though with a different code. See the thread at, and DO FILE A BUG REPORT ABOUT THIS. That is what beta testing is for.

There is some (recently added) documentation here:

This bypass doesn't appear to work anymore on beta 2 -- my app fails to install on either the hardware or on the simulator. Has anyone found a workaround?

Saliency, it must be something else other than just this causing a failure (one of perhaps many numerous problems?). I just was able to get around this network error today on beta 2 (simulator) -- it's worked many times for me after conversion of an app. Watch menus, however, never fire their IBActions for me 😟.

How's beta 3 working for you?

this works on beta 3

Same problem as before, could just be a bug in the sdk. I've kinda given up on bleeding edge stuff (like WatchKit 2.0) and using Xcode 7 b3 for more pedestrian things like iOS apps. Really hard to know what's going on; filed a bug a few weeks ago, no response, no acknowledgement. These forums are hard to follow because there's no inbox and no interactivity -- vast difference when compared to StackOverflow. BTW the network bypass works for me on b2 and b3.

I tried this and the app works on the Simulator. When running on my iPhone iOS 8.4 with Apple Watch (old Watch OS) the app "hangs".

I've set 8.4 as deployment target but maybe this combination doesn't work with Swift 2 and Xcode 7 beta 3?

Dang it: the screenshot in the video was really confusing.

The WWDC video "Networking with NSURLSession" showed this:


but this did not seem to work for IP addresses (e.g. or localhost).

In order to allow any http, you just need the afore mentioned key that seems to opt out completely:


note: tried on beta 4

It doesn't work with Swift 2 and Xcode7 beta 5 .How to fix it ? pls help me