Apple Maps vs MapKit Satellite Image Quality

I've noticed a big difference in quality between Apple Maps and MapKit Satellite image quality. Apple Maps images are so much clearer and you can zoom in further. In the area near me it really fuzzy and if you zoom in all the way you end up with no tiles at all. Is it possible I'm missing a setting that would enable better images? Or is apple just saving the best images for their own app?

Here is an example of the images side by side:

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Ok, I now see you can get these images by using map type:

MKMapTypeHybridFlyover vs MKMapTypeHybrid - ios 9 only feature.

The above question and answer are 5 years old. Can any one confirm if you can still get the good satellite image quality in MapKit or only in Apple Maps?
I can confirm that, using macOS, when I create dual MKapViews with one set to MKMapTypeSatellite, and the other set to MKMapTypeSatelliteFlyover, the second one had much better image resolution for a location in Sydney, Australia. But I have no idea how consistent this would be worldwide.
Thank you very much!!
But why is neither MKMapTypeSatellite nor MKMapTypeSatelliteFlyover mentioned in the MKMapView documentation here:

It seems the maptypes are now named like this, according to :

case standard
A street map that shows the position of all roads and some road names.
case satellite
Satellite imagery of the area.
case hybrid
A satellite image of the area with road and road name information layered on top.
case satelliteFlyover
A satellite image of the area with flyover data where available.
case hybridFlyover
A hybrid satellite image with flyover data where available.
case mutedStandard
A street map where your data is emphasized over the underlying map details.

MKMapTypeSatellite etc are the Obj-C constant names - the ones you list are the Swift equivalents.

Also FWIW there are there are currently 353 places worldwide that are covered by Flyover imagery - mainly largish cities and a few national parks. Outside those areas the satelliteFlyover option imagery apparently just reverts to the lower resolution satellite imagery.
Thank you for clarifying!