SF Mono Font?

Hi all,

I am able to use the system "SF Mono" font in my default terminal application and I love it. I want to use it in my IDE Webstorm as the font for it. When I use the font selector it does not show up, and when I look in "Font Book" it does not appear in there either. It only appears to appear in Terminal. Is there any way to get it working with other applications?


The readMe with the SF download explains that devs are only permitted to use SF (a system font) for prototyping.


also located in: /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app/Contents/Resources/Fonts

I'd like to know this too. Where the heck is SF Mono? The typography video (WWDC 2016) spends a lot of time advertising this font. What's the point of that if we can't access it? Surely the intended solution is _not_ to rip a copy out of the Xcode bundle. It's not in iOS 10. It's not in the San Francisco download. What's going on?

I installed all of them despite it warned me of "serious problems". It seems to be working all right.

Run FontBook and see what it says...