iOS 10 "Verify Update" got stuck on iPhone 6S with OTA Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to install iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S to get the testing of my app started. Unfortunately the update gets stuck everytime the install process starts. The "Verifying Update" screen freezes and I can only cancel by a restart (holding home and power).

DId anyone experience the same issue and might have some advice?


I am having the same exact issue.

same here with Public Beta 1 (iphone 6)

Same here ugh

Yep same here. I tried hard reset and that didn't help, network reset also didn't help. I have iPhone 6 with ios 9.3.2

EDIT: after doing all that and waiting for ~5min update is now doing it's job.

same issue, iphone 6, after waiting for more than 30 mins installation continued like normal.

I factory reset my iPhone after battling all day with my iPhone not isntalling iOS 10. Aparrantly it was this simple, after I contacted apple and they couldnt help me. Just back it up, factory reset and redownload. Worked for me 🙂

please help i have followed every step multiple times and keep getting the same error message after installing the ios 10 Beta 1 software the download works fine just when im trying to install im getting a verifying update... screen then i get a error message saying unable to install update. retry or remind me later ???

Has any one else had the same issue? i have re-booted my device, restored it and everything i can think of.

Try to free up additional space, in my case it's helped.

Many iPhone users may come across similar problem,however,how to fix iPhone iPad Stuck on iOS 10 "Verify Update" error?
Step 1: Hold down the “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button at the same time.
Step 2: Keep holding down these buttons until the screen turns off.
Step 3: Once the screen turns on with the Apple Logo, let go of the buttons.
Step 4: Wait for the iPhone to boot back to the main screen.
Learn the tutorial:How to fix iOS 10 "Verify Update"error

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