Wide Screen Monitor Resolution on MacBook Pro with Retina Display not working

Holding the Option key while clicking on the Scaled radio button does not give me the 2560x1080 resolution. The highest I can go is 1920x1080. This occured after upgrading to the Sierra update v1 and now v3 is out and still the same 1920x1080.

Anyone having the same issues with an ultra wide monitor on Sierra?

Anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do to try to fix this?

(I have put in numerious tickets in to apple.)


  • I am having the same problem. Have you been able to figure out a way to fix it?

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I am having the same problem. Have you been able to figure out a way to fix it?

Hi. I've just installed the GM version and have the same problem with my LG Ultrawide (2560x1080). ¿Did you get a solution for this?

The instructions here fixed the issue for me! 🙂


  • It looks like the app mentioned in these instructions costs €14 after a 10 day free trial.

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Hey together, I have to problem with my MacBook Pro Retina 15" and Dell 2515H. No resolution til now

I've the a similar problem with my MBP 15" Retina and an AOC Q2577PWQ that's a 25" with a resolution of 2560x1440; I've noticed that from the section "Monitor" on the Mac infos is recognized as a 30.5" so that the resolution is completely wrong and very bad.

This is a great monitor with a great resolution and use to work perf with El Capitain.

I used this and it completely hosed my screen resolutions.

I followed the instructions, and the monitor went blank, no errors messages, no aout of sync nothing.

I removed SwitchXRes and the LG OnScreen Controls and my MacBook won't recognize the monitor at all.

Use with extreme caution.

Are you using HDMI? You have to use a Displayport - MiniDisplayPort (Thunderbolt) in order to get 2560 x 1080....
Have similar issue with UWHQ 3440x1440p
The solution was to switch from HDMI dongle to DisplayPort -> usbC cable.

Old thread, but I've been trying to solve this for years and I only just solved it today after reading some of the other suggestions, so thanks a million to you all especially @thiago37 and @TrueTAdam

I'm on an old mid-2011 iMac running High Sierra.

First of all the app SwitchXRes costs money and only has a 10 day trial, so I skipped that.

Originally I was using a display port cable in the monitor to MiniDisplayPort (Thunderbolt) in the iMac but this didn't work.

I tried a MiniDisplayPort to MiniDisplayPort (Thunderbolt) and it worked - full 3440x1440 on my LG Ultrawide and 2560x1440 on my iMac.

  • Hey @GreenBeanSheen, may I ask you an exemple of "MiniDisplayPort to MinidisplayPort Thunderbolt"? WideScreen has not MiniDisplayPort, just HDMI and (normal) DisplayPort. How did you solve it? Thanks!!

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