Tethering PPTP blocked?

i know the PPTP option is not available in IOS10 anymore.

but im also not able to connect to my VPN services on my computer if i use my Iphone 6s as a personal hotspot.

any other device with the same sim and wifi works fine.

any solution for this or other people having the same issue?



I'm actually having the same issue, and could definitely understand why they would take PPTP off as an option within the phone's setting, but am rather confused as to why it's also blocked with the tether.

I'm hoping this is a bug and not intended?

I am now having the same issues with IOS 10. I have both an iPhone with IOS 10 and iPad with IOS 9.3.4. iPhone IOS 10 has removed the PPTP VPN option and also appears to be now filtering teathered traffic to PPTP VPN Servers. I have tested both my iPhone IOS 10 and my iPad IOS 9.3.4 and I can confirm that I can NO LONGER access any PPTP VPN Servers via my IOS 10 iPhone, but I still can access PPTP VPN servers on my iPad IOS 9.3.4. The rest of the world still uses PPTP Servers in all kinds of old devices, however your new iPhone will no longer connect to any of those devices because IOS 10 not only removed the feature to Connect to PPTP VPN Servers, but is now also blocking PPTP while teathered / using your iPhone as a personal hotspot. This also means that you can no longer use your internet connection from your device to access any PPTP servers. To me this reduces the value of the iPhone and makes it worth a lot less. When I purchased this phone, it included the ability to use PPTP. It should be the consumers choice about when to use it and when not to use it. It would have been completely acceptable to pop up a warning message on the device when trying to start a PPTP session. It is not acceptable to remove the PPTP feature or block PPTP traffic from other devices! Now we can all clearly say to any competitor that the iPhones are currently no longer compatible with any PPTP Servers and are now blocking PPTP communications.

I heard about a workaround (one that is a bit tricky to implement), and it's to create a cloud server that connect to your PPTP VPN and make that server a VPN server that uses IPSec/L2TP etc, so you can connect with your hotspot to your cloud server and will be online with your original VPN Server, does anyone know how to implement this solution (a guide, suggested cloud servers to rent/configure etc)?