Viber & IOS 14 issues

Viber does respond to touch screen cannot send a text or answer a call.. the screen lock


same with me, it opens the app but when i enter a chat it freezes and i can't do anything
Exactly the same problem.. I reinstalled it three times, restarting my iPhone 10 two times, but doesn’t solve the problem.
It works fine today... I do not know exactly what happened, but I will describe what I did... I have Viber on my iPhone X iOS beta 2. Also I have the same Viber account on my MacBook Pro. When I opened Viber yesterday on the MacBook, a pop up window from Viber said that I have Viber on unsecured mobile and asked for code scan... I did it.. then it start to work fine for few minutes only on the mobile then freeze ... Today when I tried Viber on my iPhone, I found it works as usual with no problem... I hope these information are helpful.. regards
Is anyone using bold font on their phone? I was doing some research and from what I’ve learned by asking questions on Twitter, if you turn off your bold font Viber should work just fine.
С жирным шрифтом помогло спасибо большое!!!
really the problem is in bold, if you disable it then viber does not hang on ios 14
действительно проблема в жирном шрифте ,если его отключить то viber не виснет на ios 14
Is anybody still experiencing this? I updated my Xs Max to ios 14 and whenever i use viber, my phone starts to freeze and i can't use my phone at all though it responds to tap to wake
M having the same problems in viber. iOS 14.3. Iphone X. Sent viber my crash issue but they didnt replied. Deleted viber already, restarted before installing. sync with icloud. Same problem.