Bonjour does not include TXT record in probe message


When running Bonjour Conformance Tests against the lwIP mDNS implementation we noticed an issue with the probe messages.
BCT errors because we include the TXT records of services in the authority section. According to RFC6762 section 8.2 on Simultaneous Probe Tiebreaking, this is required.

We found that Bonjour implementations do not add the TXT record and BCT is made according to that spec.
This looks like Bonjour is violating the RFC here.
Why is this difference present?
Is this a known error or not seen as an issue?

Due to this difference Bonjour devices are not compatible with the RFC based devices during probe tiebreaking.
RFC based devices include: Google Chromecast and all Avahi based devices.

More info can be found on the lwIP Savannah issue tracker, bug 58142.

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Have you filed a bug on this at:

Apple FeedBack Assistant

If so, what's the bug number?

Kevin Elliott
DTS Engineer