iPhone 11 screen randomly began flickering and glitched out?

about 6 hours ago my iPhone 11, unprovoked, began to flicker and glitch for no reason. it looked like an old tv with no signal. I restarted my phone and it stopped flickering but stayed glitched, colors became dull, lines horizontally and vertically on the screen. I hard reset it a few times with the volume and power buttons, nothing happened. i deleted apps and photos to clear storage, nothing. I waited it out, nothing. when I got off of work I decided to factory reset (and now I’m locked out of my iCloud until tomorrow >:< ) my phone as someone told me it could possibly fix the issue. When I factory reset it, it went back to normal...for five minutes. the notification bar is glitched again and the screen will begin to glitch if I’m watching YouTube or sitting on the home screen. It fixes itself if I lock it then unlock it but it slowly reappears within the next 5 minutes. I got my iPhone 11 in November, it hasn’t been dropped in water, it has a protective Speck case and screen protector on it, it’s never fallen high drops, this all happened completely random; I was at work and my phone was laying on the counter and it began doing this. I saw that there was a bug update to “fix green screens” or something so I updated my iOS but it didn’t fix my problem at all, if anything it made it worse. Now I’m stuck with a phone that is less than a year old that looks like crap and I lost literally all of my data until Apple gets back to me on verifying my new phone number. I am beyond irritated, my last iPhone was a 7 plus and the mic stopped working and Apple admitted at fault but tried to make me pay $300 to fix the $350 phone 🤦🏻‍♀️

Is anyone else having random screen problems? Any fixes? Should I contact Apple?
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UPDATE: I just noticed after the factory reset the glitch only begins if I’m on a screen with black. I set my wallpaper to a black screen and it began glitching again, as soon as I removed it it stopped.

I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix this :((
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UPDATE: I just noticed after the factory reset the glitch only begins if I’m on a screen with black. I set my wallpaper to a black screen and it began glitching again, as soon as I removed it it stopped.

I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix this :((
Hi, this has just happened to my phone and like yours it has not been dropped and has no water damage. Did you ever find out the cause or a way to fix it or did it end up being a hardware issue?Thanks.
This just started to flicker. I have tried several of the fix procedures online and does not fix it. Are the any new suggestions?

I have almost the exact same issue. I bought a phone in February 2020 and exactly a year later, the screen starts to flicker. It then began to glitch, burn colours into the display, and show double of what was on the screen. It kept on getting worse and it eventually got so bad that I couldn't see anything on the phone at all. I haven't dropped it, got it soaked, or treated poorly in any way. I took it in to an authorized apple repair site at London Drugs, and they fixed it for free because I was within warranty, but they admitted it was the devices own fault. Except, 3 months later, the exact same thing is happening again, and now I'm out of warranty. Apple sold me a defective phone and they expect me to pay even more for it, as if their stuff isn't overpriced already. It really shows how much they own up to their actions.

Hi, Like everyone here, I have the same story for my iPhone XR. Although the flickering of my phone is not that worts, still it happens randomly after hours or days for a couple of seconds. It’s so annoying and I am worried if it gets worst. I contacted the Apple authorized repair Centre in Pakistan and they told me that this might be due to a drop (which is not the case for sure). They suggested that either one of the screen cable is loose or the phone needs a complete replace of the screen. As I am out of warranty, they asked 2500 PKR for the cable fix and 56,200 for the screen replacement. The second one is more than 50% of the actual price of the phone. For now, I am observing my phone without any intentions to repair it until. If anyone has a better solution than this, plz reply.

If your iPhone starts glitching, the first step you should take is to restart your phone. In some instances, the apps on your phone may be the reason for glitches. If all fails, one should think about taking the iPhone to the nearest Apple istoreor to replace the phone altogether.

Many types of Iphones glitches may come as a result of running high-powered apps, way above the running capacity of the phone's GPU and on some occasions, a decrease in your battery will also lead to glitches. If you face the same problem again, you can visit any of the nearest iStores or contact any 3rd party websites for screen replacement. Some of the popular sites include maxbhi, amazon, xfurbish.com and so on...

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I installed the new update on my iPhone 11 yesterday and for some reason today my phone is doing random things. I haven’t dropped it, no the screen isn’t broke and it’s never been dropped in water. It’s almost as if I gave someone access to my device and they are in my phone pressing random things, even random apps are popping up.

I even factory reset the phone, and it’s still doing it! PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi there,

You might have better luck asking this question over in Apple Support Communities run by Apple Support.

I started seeing this same issue last year (no water damage or any other kind), I settled for replacing the screen at an apple store for $300 (will most likely not get that money back)

It’s been 8 months and it started to happen again. So, I want to say it is also not a screen issue.

Same flickers startes showind and then visible lines on whole screen then just only on the right side corners !! Any ways to solve the problem?

my iPhone x just started doing something similar a couple of months ago. the screen had never been replaced, i cleaned the whole phone+speakers regularly and i always had a case on it. it was in the shower and a little water got on top of the case and it shut off and would not turn back on. the next day i finally got it to turn back on but face id didn't work and then a couple weeks later the screen turned static (like you said just like an old tv).

iPhone 11 screen randomly began flickering and glitched out?