Current device configuration is unsupported

I update Xcode this morning to 11.7 and am running iOS of 13.6.1 and get the following message.
The current device configuration is unsupported. This iPhone SE (Model A1662, A1723, A1724) is running iOS 13.6.1 (17G80), which is not supported by Xcode 11.7.
As Xcode is the latest version as on 1 September 2020, what is the issue?
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Check this location for device support files:

if you don't have folder named iOS 13.6, you need to download device support files.

Download iOS 13.6 device support files from this link:
  1. Close Xcode

  2. Unzip and Paste it in this location: /Applications/

  3. ReOpen Xcode.

@OnurKeklik's comment really helped! thanks!
@OnurKeklik cannot be the only solution. There's no way that I have to download some random dude's random files in order for Apple's own stuff to work.