Getting a "certificate is not trusted" error for iOS Distribution Certificate

To support an older version of an iOS app, I needed to install Mojave with Xcode 9.

I create a CSR and from there generate an iOS Distribution certificate online, which I download and double click to install in Keychain. However, when viewing in Keychain, it shows in red "iPhone Distribution: CompanyName certificate is not trusted".

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I follow the instructions to the T and have done this in the past with success.

NOTE: I tried this with Sierra as well and got the same issue. It only seems to work on Catalina, which doesn't help me because I need an older version of Xcode.
Apple has updated Developer Relations Intermediate Certificate. Just download the certificate from here and install it. If the it doesn't works have a look on

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Getting a "certificate is not trusted" error for iOS Distribution Certificate