SKAdNetwork Apple’s privacy threshold definition

From SKAdNetwork DOC

... Note: The source-app-id appears only if providing the parameter meets Apple’s privacy threshold.

... Note: The conversion-value only appears if the installed app provides it, and if providing the parameter meets Apple’s privacy threshold.

  1. We get daily ~450 postbacks from the publisher with the same campaign-id but without source-app-id and conversion-value fields.

  2. We get daily 4K postbacks from the same publisher. Again, we miss source-app-id and conversion-value fields. We expect conversion-value 0 or 1.

Code Block json
 "campaign-id": 25,
 "rcv-ts": "2021-01-19 00:25:33",
 "version": "2.0",
 "attribution-signature": "AAAAAAvIWN+UO1Z1qtCXEnOAJ5HbR9HNI4/rFQCGQCZY8IRah2LexFxr6bFGm5IXB6ae3+dggw=",
 "redownload": false,
 "transaction-id": "11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111",
 "ad-network-id": "aaaaaaaaa.skadnetwork",
 "app-id": 123456789

Looks like 4K postbacks are not enough to pass the threshold.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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We are receiving source-app-id, but it looks to us like its dependent on the number of installs within a time window for a given publisher (our best guess is a rolling 24 hour window).