Viber cannot send or recieve pictures and videos

I have a new Iphone 12 pro and I have a problem that I cannot recieve pictures and videos on viber, they just dont download to the phone. All permissions are on, Photos permission set to All photos. I also cannot send photos from camera and gallery from viber. But when I go to gallery first and share a picture to viber, the recipient recieves it, but it is still not displayed in my viber.
I appreciete any help.


I have exactly the same problem! I have switched to iPhone 12 couple of days ago and it has been just frustrating with Viber. To add couple of things, I can see some of the pictures that were sent by other users after opening them, but no preview is loaded. I cannot see most of the pictures sent by me, and none of the media sent in a community (both by me and other users). Help is appreciated!
Same problem here. Iphone 12 Pro Max.
Can not sync with my pc and unable send photos
Same issues here! I have sent to viber support with no luck. Hope to fix it at the next upgrade
Problem fixed after iOS and Viber update