Safari Web Inspector causes iOS app crash

Issue: The Safari web inspector debugging works before the MacOS and iOS upgrade. After upgraded MacOS to 11.3 and XCode to 12.5, and iOS (iPhone) to 14.5., it stops working.

Reproducing Step: Launch iOS app (Javascript wrapped under Cordova), launch Safari from Mac, debug through web inspector, iOS app crashed immediately with memory issue: WebThread (9): EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=2, address=0x16b6c2320)

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  • the same issue here ,every time is same,I upgraded Macos big sur 11.4 ,safari 14.1.1 and iOS 14.6 JavaScriptCore`invocation function for block in Inspector::RemoteConnectionToTarget::dispatchAsyncOnTarget(***::Function<void ()>&&):

  • I've resolved this issue by adding the plugin cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine to my Cordova project and by installing Safari Technology Preview (Safari Beta version) and using its web inspector.

  • I'm also experiencing this issue. Has it been reported to apple? Any response?

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Unfortunately, Safari Technology Preview also doesn't seems to work. Tested with both UIWebView and WKWebView on a physical device, using Safari and Safari Technology Preview. All combinations are still crashing with EXC_BAD_ACCESS.

Likewise here - making debugging impossible:

MacOS: Big Sur 11.4 iPad OS: 14.6 (iPad 6th Generation) Safari: 14.1.1 Xcode: 12.5.1

same issue Looking forward to solution

Same issue with our product also based on Cordova

Using simulator 14.3 fixed the issue for me.

Thank you for reporting this issue. This should now be fixed in the latest betas of iOS 14.7 and iOS 15. If you continue to experience this crash on the latest betas, or have an issue in the future, please file feedback at so we can investigate further.

  • Upgrade iOS to 14.7 (iPhone) does solve this problem. The debug works fine.

    Thank you, Jinlin

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