Hi I have installed IOS 15 beta and have problem with safari. The problem occurred when I closed one of the browser tabs, but when I turned on safari again, this tab came back. after I closed this tab a few times, the safari stopped working and I couldn't even turn on safari. When i click on the safari icon it won't turn on, it looks like i was opening and closing applications immediately safari before it loads.

  • Same. I’m stuck with some tabs now. I can close them but when I open safari again they are still there. If I open new ones they wouldn’t save.

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Same here. Downloaded iOS 15 yesterday. It’s annoying to say the least.

Identical behavior. Having two tabs open and no matter how many times I close them, they always open when I start safari. Even if I open a different web page and leave it there, it vanishes and the same old two tabs are showing instead. Latest iOS 15 installed.