iPhone 12 - IOS 15 - Bluetooth Issues


Will there be a solution to these bluetooth problems. My iPhone 7 worked well, till it died, so I upgraded and I was given a iPhone 12.

Some times it will pair, make one call and then it fails until I switch the car off, restart the phone, sync and pair again and if I am lucky it will allow me to make one call. Also, it says synchronised, and when trying to make the call nothing happens. On my phone it says connected.

Hope something or new IOS will be released. I have tried IOS 15 beta, but that does not work either

  • Same here - finally upgraded from iPhone 6. This worked seamlessly with car bluetooth. Upgraded to iPhone 13 iOS 15 and now the bluetooth in my car won't hang up if I end the call. I have to pull the fuse out of the stereo to force it to hang up! sometimes it also won't pickup up the bluetooth speaker as an output option

  • Exactly the same issue here. No Bluetooth pairing in my car (VW Passat RNS 510 and iphone X) since ios15 Update. 15.02 sadly no fix for that Problem.

  • Here the same. VW Golf, RNS510 Radio, iPhone 13 Pro. Pairing is not possible. The Volkswagen radio generates a 16 digit code to enter in the phone. After entering the code, the pairing process aborts/fails. iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.x worked flawlessly. iOS 15.0.2 didn't fix the problem.


same here at a VW golf, getting message login not possible, when turning car visibility on i am able to connect audio system but not handsfree to make calls. tested with other phones on ios 14 and no issues there.

  • Same Issue here with a Skoda Columbus Navigation Unit (RNS510) and the premium hands free package.

    Apple, go ahead and fix this issue ASAP please!

  • Same issue here. iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.0.2 Skoda Rapid (2014) Amundsen Navigation Unit

    Bluetooth-Connection for audio works. Hands free command does not work.

    Checked it using iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14.8. No issues appeared there.

  • Hello,

    Have the same problem with Bluetooth connecting to a VW Golf 6 with RNS510 after upgrading to iOS15 on a iPhone 12 Pro. Tried all the "solutions" find online (Restart Bluetooth, Forget Device, Reset Networking Settings), even disconnected the BT module under the seat with no fix what so ever. Only managed to connect with Media but can't use the Phone for calls.

    The next update IOS15.02 didn't fixed this issue at all.

    Hoping to see more reports about this bug and hope that the next update will finally resolve the issue.

A bit different, but same problem here too!!

My iPhone 11Pro worked well, till I upgraded to iOS 15 a few days ago. Since then, it won’t pair anymore, and the Bluetooth connection with any sound system (i.e. Creative Stage soundbar) fails every time.

I really hope that this problem will be soon solved out! Good luck to the Apple specialists!

  • Has anyone from apple responded to any of these threads? It seems like they are ignoring these issues

  • My iPhone 12 Pro Max worked great with CarPlay and my Bluetooth accessories before ios15 now I have no sound in CarPlay and every time I want to listen using my new speakers I get a message that says I have to forget them and then I have to re-add them. Very frustrating

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Similar issue - Pre-iOS15, phone connected seamlessly with car audio system. Now, it must be manually re-connected each time, and connection is spotty, spontaneously dropping connection between calls.

Apple, this is a safety issue - incoming calls cannot be reliably answered in hands-free mode, GPS apps don't reliably broadcast to car audio, and whether by needing to suddenly pull off the road or attempting to fumble to re-connect the phone to the system, a serious distracted driving situation is created. PLEASE restore the great functionality that we used to enjoy!

Same Problem with iPhone12, 16.6.1, and RNS510. Unworthy for apple