How can I use currently playing items like in menu bar item - Now Playing

Hey, I am trying to figure out how can I display currently playing sources of Audio on my Xcode Project. In the new Big Sur update I believe this was possible due to the Mac Catalyst.

How can I do this on the Mac?

New to this, can someone guide please.


Can you clarify your question, please? Are you asking about something like an audio device picker, that lets the listener chose where to play your audio, or are you asking about showing metadata (track name, artist, elapsed time, etc) for whatever audio is currently playing?

  • Hey, In the new update, we can see the Menu Bar Item for 'Now Playing', which displays all the currently playing audio sources, with controls to pause and change the next song. You can see various applications altogether like Safari, Chrome, Apple Music, Local Files, etc. With that widget we can easily pause and play some items even if not displayed on the screen.

    Similarly, I wanted to know if there is a way we can either access these audio sources directly in our Xcode Project OR some other possibility where we can gather all playing sources and display them.

    I hope this may make the question more easy to understand.

    Thank you for helping.

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