WKWebView cache client cert

Hi, we uses WKWebView to load IDP login page and the client cert authentication is also required after user credential submitted. We implemented didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge function to retrieve the client cert from our app and create NSURLCredential with NSURLCredentialPersistenceNone. However, we found the client cert get cached. When IDP issues a new client cert and the old cert become invalid, although the user import the new cert into our app, the cache of the old cert is used, didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge is not called.

We tried to use WKWebsiteData to delete all cookies and website data include WKWebsiteDataTypeMemoryCache, disckCache and localStorage, but no luck. The only workaround is terminate our app and restart it will clear the cache.

Is there anything we missed?

Thanks, Ying

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