in iOS 15 , avplayer same audio is playing two times when we pause and play from Notification Mini Bar

something broke in iOS 15 in my app , the same code is working fine with iOS 14.8 and below versions. The actual issues is when I play audio in my app then I go to notification bar , pause the audio and next play the audio from notification bar itself , then same audio is playing twice . One audio is resuming from where I paused it before and the other one is playing the same audio from initial stage.

When the issue is happening this is the logs I am getting

Ignoring setPlaybackState because application does not contain entitlement for platform

2021-09-24 21:40:06.597469+0530 BWW[2898:818107] [rr] Response: updateClientProperties<A4F2E21E-9D79-4FFA-9B49-9F85214107FD> returned with error <Error Domain=kMRMediaRemoteFrameworkErrorDomain Code=29 “Could not find the specified now playing player” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Could not find the specified now playing player}> for origin-iPhone-1280262988/client-com.iconicsolutions.xstream-2898/player-(null) in 0.0078 seconds 

I got stuck with this issue since 2 days , I tried all the ways but unable to get why it's only happening in iOS 15. Any help will be greatly appreciated.