Is the mandatory Apple ID sign-in requirement relevant for device flow logins?

The app we're developing is a "companion app" for our web SaaS app.

The web app uses Microsoft and Google accounts for sign-in. No Apple ID because the app itself is an Microsoft/Google cloud services automation tool and therefore must use their sign-ins. Apple ID would offer zero value here.

If we were to make our iOS app use the same login interface, I believe we'll get rejected for the lack of Apple ID option.

So our plan is to use the OIDC/OAuth2 "Device Flow" for mobile app sign in. The user will be presented a code, and asked to go to https://ourapp/device to complete the login process (via Microsoft/Google account).

In this case, will Apple still pick on the fact that the separate web login URL (which technically can be launched from the phone as well) does not offer Apple ID as a sign-in option?