Significant-Change Location Service not working properly on iOS 15

We’re expiriencing problems with the location service since the release of iOS 15. We’re mainly using the «Significant-Change Location Service » to get updates if someone moved some distance. For users with iOS 14 or lower, everything seems to work normally.

The behavior under iOS 15 is extremely strange. For many users, it seems to work as before and there are regular location updates. For others, there is exactly one location update after the installation. For others, the location updates no longer work after 1-2 days.

I have two test devices that no longer receive location updates. If the device is restarted or the location services are turned off and on again, everything works again often again for a few hours or days and stops again.

At the moment we are also testing a new release. Where everything works fine in the simulator, but on real devices the location updates do not work either.

Does anyone have similar problems with iOS 15 and the Location Services or even a solution for the problem.

I have the same issue.

There seem to be 3 constellations:  

  1. users are not affected by the problem at all (best case).
  2. the delivery of events in the background is unreliable compared to iOS 14.
  3. no events are delivered in the background (worst case).

  It looks like this is a bug in the context of the new Focus Mode of iOS 15 and/or the App Switcher.

Did you already file a bug report via Feedback app to Apple?

Thanks for your feedback. I just reported the bug.

Curious about any fixes here. We are experiencing similar problems with location services being terminated if the App is force terminated, but continuing to work if only backgrounded.

I'm also facing the same issue, location service stops working after 1-2 days, As checked with the apple developer suggest met to go with "location push service extension"

But in my case, I need to continuously track location in the killing state. Does any solution please?

Same issue here. Region and significant location monitoring are not working as expected on iOS 15.

CoreLocation startMonitoringForRegion and startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges no longer restart terminated app in iOS 15. I can confirm with my own app and other similar apps. This makes my app unreliable. If you have this issue, please submit a bug report to Apple. If we have more bug reports with the same category, Apple might pay more attention to it. Please note that it is still not fixed in iOS 15.2 beta 3.

finally first sorry about my not perfect english. i've the same problem. sometimes it will work for one-two days and then again not for a week. i don't change the settings between working an not working. also the notificatins will not recieved permanent. before ios 15 everything work normally.

Hello everyone, It is the same for me , the location service doesn’t work in background since IOS 15 . If you look commentary on DS CAM and NEST app in AppStore you see that is a bug for some people.

Hi, we are experiencing a similar issue with a location-based app that records car trips (so we use background location and request for significant location updates via CLLocationManager). Also in our case users with iOS 14 seems not to be affected. Bug reported in FB9789173.

Philips Hue reported the same issue yesterday on their Hue blog:

Just so I can track the history of this problem, I'm seeing the same thing in a client app. Locations work fine in iOS 14.x, but behaviour is terribly inconsistent in 15.x. I don't have any workarounds at the moment.

I came in here to look for exactly this.

We have an app with a Geofence function, and since IOS15, it happens that the app just stops getting geofence triggers after a couple of days without opening the app.

if you just open and shut the app down, the geofences start coming in again.

The bug unfortunately still occurs with iOS 15.2 beta 4 for me. How does it look for the others?

Hello , something’s new with 15.2 RC ?

Still not working on my side, everything is inconsistent.

I filed a bug (Feedback Assistant) two weeks ago, and it is now marked "Resolution:Potential fix identified - For a future OS update". Since 15.2 obviously didn't fix it, I guess we'll have to wait for 15.3.

What is the situation in iOS 15.3 beta 1? Is it now fixed?

I've been testing with iOS 15.3 beta 1 for the last couple of days. So far, everything works as expected. Looks like it got fixed

Any updates from anyone here? We have be testing iOS 15.3 beta and continue to have problems with location services being terminated when the App is force terminated. It will run ok for a day or so but then abruptly stop working.

The status of my Feedback request has updated to Resolution: Potential fix identified - In iOS 15.3.

Hi, I am having the same problem since ios 15 update. Recently I believed I have found a solution. Just like the requirement to do an iCloud backup, the phone MUST be connected to a wifi network, charging and screen turned off overnight. After that I found the significant location getting updated everyday. I currently do not have wifi, just tethering from another phone. If I disable wifi tethering overnight, then significant location won’t be updated the next morning. So I wonder if the problem is caused by no wifi connection to update significant location.

Even under IOS15.3 Final (available since 26.01.2022) the error still occurs with me. The focus does not switch off "when I leave this place". I have reset "Location and Privacy" and all permissions have been reissued. Unfortunately without success.

Same problem until iOS 15 updated. Waze and other apps using GPS glitch awfully. I tried all possible methods found in internet to fix it, but without result. And yesterday, after 15.3 update it stated to do much more glitches. It’s impossible to drive and work with such problem. Please, fix GPS ASAP or give official method to return to iOS 14.8

I can confirm that the location-based focus trigger ("Until I leave this place") works again since installing IOS 15.5 - which it did not in the previous versions of 15.*.

Significant-Change Location Service not working properly on iOS 15