Selling product with free app subscription

We have a wearable device that utilizes an iPhone app. You have to have the app in order to use the wearable device.

We want to sell the device with a free one year subscription or the customer an add an additional year to the subscription for an additional price.

What is the best way to handle this? Our thoughts:

  • Generate 2 offer codes: 1 Free Year, 1 Free Year + 1 Paid Year
  • Sell device on our website as two different products: Device + 1 Free Year, Device + 1 Free Year + 1 Paid Year. Give user an offer code or link to get app from Apple App Store.
  • When user redeems offer code, downloads app and login, we verify the user bought a device on our API Server.

We also want users to be able to buy renewable subscriptions in the Apple app store: mothly, yearly.