StoreKit 2 • What is subscriptionGroupID in status(for groupID: String)?


I want to access the latest transaction for a Subscription Group. I use the following method static func status(for groupID: String) async throws -> [Product.SubscriptionInfo.Status] to access the statuses for the group, and from there, I can get a verified transaction from the status.

But when I set the GroupID equal to the Subscription Group Reference Name I put in the .storekit configuration file in Xcode, I don't have any status (so wrong ID). Actually, I have to use a subscriptionGroupID like 3F19ED53 (found using a previous transaction:

When I look into a Product, this ID is set for subscriptionFamilyId.

So my question is how can I know the ID if it's not the one I provided in App Store Connect or the config file? Do I first have to access a Product from this group?