Does a device channel mean enroll with DEP? (MacOS)

We are developing an MDM system for MacOS. Some protocols (e.g., DeviceLock) only operate in device channels. Does a device channel mean enroll with DEP? Can't I just install the profile? If I send 'Devicelock' command after installing the profile, I will get an error that you sent it to the user channel.

Can you provide information to refer to?

It is an issue that did not occur in IOS.

Please reply.


The device and user channels are specific to macOS and to the Shared iPad feature of iPadOS and it is not related to the enrollment type. As you noted, those channels are not available on iOS.

You will find general information on device and user channels here (see "What channels can configuration profiles be applied to? "): And here is a complete list of payloads and what channel they are supported on:

One example might help: the Calendar payload is a natural for the user-channel to allow for each user of a device to have their own configuration:

Hope this helps!