Xcode 13 keeps crashing when running XCUITests on M1

I will run a few tests then I will go to run another test, and i'll get the message "Replace test? A test action is already running." Even though I already stopped all tests and erased contents of all simulators and closed all sims. If I select replace or try to close xcode to reopen, it crashes.

  • Before you reopen Xcode, open Activity Monitor to see if Xcode is still running? Your best option will be to file a bug report via the feedback app

  • Update: This issue is more prevalent when running tests with Parallel Mode enabled. The sims will crash, xcode will freeze, an error will occur saying the testRunner has stopped, etc.

    We are able to run the tests on an intel computer in parallel mode, but not on an m1.

    Running the tests with Parallel mode disabled, the issues still occur sometimes, but def. not nearly as quick or often.

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