MapKit JS JWT doesn't work when the request is from China

I've got a working JWT token for MapKit JS. However, when the user's IP shows them in China, the console says "Initialization failed because the authorization token is invalid". The pins work and show correctly, but the map images do not appear.

I know that Apple Maps work in China, which is why I chose Apple as the vendor. Is there something I need to do to allow my Chinese audience to view my maps or use my JWT token?

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I didn't see any update or related Mapkit issue link. I have exactly the same issue with my Chinese users. We chose Apple Maps for exactly same reason. I am quite disappointed to see any interest for this topic. Obviously, the issue happens only if the user is located in China else it's not fun.

I am facing the exact same issue when users try to access mapkit map from China (401 response). Were you able to sort out the issue?