Bug report for ios16.0.2

Maybe it's only the Japanese version of the iPhone. Safari and the page will solidify when you press "Original Password" from "Other Options" in the automatic password creation function. Also, if you go to another application while typing in the input box, Safari and pages will not work. I'm in a lot of trouble, so please fix it as soon as possible. By the way, the terminal is iPhone 12pro.


Hi there,

You might have better luck asking this question over in Apple Support Communities run by Apple Support.

Hi Team,

I have found a bug in messages app.

when I select all the messages and mark as read, it will not mark all as read.

big issue.

Thanks and Regards, Shaik Mansoor

When i'm listening to voice note in WhatsApp, my screen turns black, Iphone 13 IOS 16.0.2