RealityKit Export Image Format

When calculations are done using RealityKit, the default format of exported pictures is .png. Is there any way to change the image format? For example,can it export .tiff image.


Screenshot of the File Export sheet with “USDZ” chosen in the Format selection menu ... USDZ exports support horizontal, vertical, image, and face anchors. I have a question regarding the .reality format that is exported thou. In Reality Composer, I normally set up my anchor to an image and I test on the iPad ... My USDZ file is +/- 5MB when imported to Reality Composer and the referen is 100KB. When I export my .reality file from Reality Composer ...A file with . usdz is an uncompressed and unencrypetd ZIP archive for the USD (Universal Scene Description) file format that contains and proxies for files of other formats (such as textures, and animations) embedded within the archive and runs them directly with the USD run-time without any need of unpacking.From within an open Reality Composer project, choose the File menu > Export option. In the export sheet, choose whether to export the scene or project in USDZ format and click the Export button.The USD acronym stands for Universal Scene Description. While the USDZ extension variation just means that it is a zip-compressed USD file, hence the Z in the name. The less popular USDA extension variation means that it is a human readable text format, whereas the main USD and USDZ variations are binary encoded.



By exported pictures, Are you referring to screenshots taken with the snapshot method?

If so, the snapshot is a UIImage/NSImage, which could be written to disk as a TIFF in a variety of ways, the simplest being the writeTIFFRepresentation(of:to:format:colorSpace:options:) in CoreImage.