Enterprise Distribution certificate

My apple Account having Two active 'iOS Distribution' now Both are expected to Expire in next ~20 day's. Below are my queries looking for the details.

a) can we create the new (third) iOS Distribution certificate for the build distribution ? b) how can we identified the current Active application provisioning profiles are boing with which iOS Distribution certificate (as under the Profile details showing two certificate having the same date) , so not able ti identified which certificate currently is in use?

Do you need a seamless transition to certificate replacement? If so you can contact me and I can help you.

my email = "yangscalvn" + "@" + "gmail.com"

You can only have a maximum of 2 iOS Distribution Certificates active at a time - you must revoke one of them in order to create a new one.

But, it sounds like you're not sure which one to revoke, because you can't tell which one is being used in your provisioning profiles, because both certificates have the same date, making it hard to distinguish.

If you examine (Get Info) on the downloaded provisioning profiles, using Finder on the mac, you can see into them and see the Serial Number, and the SHA-1 of the certificate that profile is using.

By cross referencing that Serial Number in the profile to the Serial number of the certificates, you can then determine which cert is being used in your distribution profiles.

The creation date/time of the cert is also rendered in keychain and the finder down to the second, in addition to the serial number of the cert, so that is another way to distinguish between certs if you download them on your mac to cross reference them with your profiles.

Hope that is of assistance.

Enterprise Distribution certificate