Export Compliance required for HTTPS calls?

We have an app that makes calls to our API on our website using HTTPS protocol. Now, i have been doing research and finding out that export compliance is NOT required for JUST https calls and that to put this key-value pair in the info.plist: <AppUsesNon-ExemptEncryption/><false/>. The article said that since HTTPS is excluded from the compliance, you don't need to submit the export compliance report. Here is the link to the article: https://www.cocoanetics.com/2017/02/itunes-connect-encryption-info/

All other articles that have said you DO need to provide compliance for https are much older so maybe Apple ended up making https an exception later on?

Itunesconnect support themselves don't quite know and have advised me to ask a developer. So can someone please tell me whether if i need to submit export compliance documentation for just making calls over https?

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You need to say "yes" to the first question Apple asks about encryption but if your use is only https (and some other things) then you are exempt and can say "no" to the next question.

Except that the second question is basically "Are you exempt?" and therefore you answer yes, not no.
Export Compliance required for HTTPS calls?