background-attachment:fixed still not supported?

Every now and then I need to make a website. And I noted in my last project that


is still not supported by iOS. It is by Safari on MacBooks, so I'm wondering what the story behind it is? Surely it is not a matter of computational cost due to the so-called repainting of the browser's canvas? Because doesn't playing video cost a multitude of that?
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  • Please apple, fix this problem. Come on... It is ridiculous

  • Apple is just plain stupid regarding web development, it's a ******* stone in front of the progress lol. I will never buy any of their products again.

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Nobody? Not even someone from Apple? Do Apple people participate in this forum at all?


I'm not shure but i read in ohter sites, the reazon why isn't work is because apparently it costs a lot to mobile browsers, so it's been disabled.

I found this link

I also stumbled across that today. Even on latest iOS as of today (14.1) background-attachment:fixed; still does not work.
And computational cost is for sure not an issue any more. Hey, isn't marketing the iPhone 12 Pro is faster than most desktop PCs?
This is just a tech dept from first iPhone generations and should get fixed asap, Apple!
As of 2021 with the 14X ready to release with similar power to M1, this is still an issue. Apple, please fix this.

Why do iphones cost the earth if they can't even support CSS from 10 years ago?

Come on. Seriously.

so iPhone 12 can render AR but not an image in the background :D

Come on APPLE! We're building stuff here with animations that require this. Just enable it already so we can use it and build awesome stuff.

Just need to simply attach a non-scrolling background and have knockout svg scroll over the top of it. Shocked that it's not working because Apple is not supporting it. This feels like the old days with IE.

I have just came across this issue while I was creating a landing page for my project. Kept scratching my head on why my iPhone couldn't render fixed background attachment while my Android phone could.

Turns out Apple does not support this feature...

Why? Just why???

Another voice from Poland. We also need this primary css style: fixed background image. I thought that IE6 was poor in css. Today the winner is iPhone's browser. So disappointed...

This is ABSURD! So, now I have to go an edit my mobile settings for a background that will display properly on Apple devices, and lose a significant level of my design impact, even tho it displays fine on other devices... shameful! For the amount of $$$ we pay for these phones and the extent of the development behind all their boasted performance, this is pathetic. Total amateur hour! APPLE - please get with the program on this!!!!


Hey, I'm having this issue as well. The most perplexing part to me, is that it works on one of my apps, and not another.

fixed bg attachment works on mobile (iphone 13pro) here:

yet it does not work for another app i'm working on. I'm a fairly new developer and I built that by following this tutorial:

i definitely slowed it down by adding a backdrop blur to all my translucent components... but bg attachment fixed works. there is a link to the tutorial github on their youtube page

Apple decided fixed background is not the vibe. That's all. Apple is god remember it

  • YMMD 😂

  • 😂😂😂😂 most def, i even tired doing a bit of research on why its “expensive” to support fixed background and i just keep hitting a brick wall

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