HomeKit is a framework for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home. You can enable users to discover HomeKit accessories in their home and configure them, or you can create actions to control those devices. Users can group actions together and trigger them using Siri.

What’s New in HomeKit

Learn what's new with HomeKit in iOS 10 including support for new types of accessories such as cameras and doorbells, enhancements in remotely connecting with accessories, how set up of Wi-Fi HomeKit accessories has been greatly improved, and how to write HomeKit enabled tvOS Apps.

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Accessory Developers

If you're interested in creating a HomeKit-enabled hardware accessory, you need to be an MFi licensee to access the resources for manufacturing hardware that integrates HomeKit technology. MFi licensees receive:

  • HomeKit technical specifications
  • MFi Logos and Identity Guidelines
  • Hardware technical support

To join the MFi Program, you will need to create or register a business Apple ID, submit an enrollment form, complete a credit review, and execute an MFi License. To learn more, read our FAQs.

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