Access logs that respect user privacy

Analyze and evaluate app performance with comprehensive up-to-date log data that surfaces interactions between your apps and CloudKit. With CloudKit Logs, you have all the information you need to identify errors and understand usage patterns across CloudKit resources while maintaining user privacy.

Precise exploration

View all events that happened in the past week. Use advanced filtering to narrow your results. Share result links with your team, or export data for offline analysis.

Privacy built in

Analyze and debug problems while keeping user data private. Logs show you every CloudKit server event for each user without exposing any personally identifiable information. Log entries only display anonymous, container-specific CloudKit user IDs to ensure real identities are kept secret. The reports can show record modifications per account, but not the actual data that has changed.

Detailed reports

Logs provide you with detailed reports of every interaction between your app and the CloudKit server within a specified period of time. Each entry includes the following data:

  • Time. Shows the exact date and time an event occurred.
  • Platform. Shows the platform that initiated the request.
  • CK User ID. Shows the unique, anonymous CloudKit user ID.
  • Client OS. Shows the version of the platform OS that initiated the request.
  • Database. Shows the database type the request was targeting.
  • Operation. Shows the type of operation the request was attempting.
  • Operation ID. Shows the unique ID for the operation. CloudKit automatically creates a unique ID for every operation issued in the native API.
  • Operation Group Name. Shows the name of a batched group of associated operations. You can associate multiple CloudKit operations together by setting their group property.

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