iCloud for Developers

iCloud securely stores your users’ data and seamlessly keeps it up to date across their devices, so they’ll have a great experience no matter which device they use. And with powerful and intuitive tools, such as CloudKit Console and Core ML Model Deployment, you can focus on delivering great apps while iCloud handles the details of scaling, consistency, and security.

Build apps using CloudKit

Develop apps with world-class authentication, privacy, security, and syncing using the same technologies used by Apple in its most popular cloud offerings. CloudKit provides a robust framework and a comprehensive set of tools that make it easy for you to develop powerful apps that seamlessly sync across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and the web.

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Gain insights with Telemetry

Tailor your apps for responsiveness and relevance to your users by measuring user activity, CloudKit database usage, and trends over time. With Telemetry’s monitoring and analytics features, you can visualize aggregate behavior across all of your users’ devices for all of the data coming into your container.

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Access logs that respect user privacy

Easily collect, process, and analyze data while keeping your users’ data private. CloudKit provides detailed real-time and historical logs of server activity. Log events don’t contain any personal or private data, so you’ll have everything you need to debug and analyze your app while ensuring sensitive user data stays safe and secure.

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Deploy Core ML models

Update machine learning models without redistributing your apps. The iCloud Core ML Model Deployment feature lets you decouple the model-update process from the app-update process. And since you can iterate models independently, you don’t need to push new app updates just to get newer machine learning models into your users’ hands.

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Find the tools and documentation you need to build apps that use CloudKit.

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