Estimating fee changes for apps distributed in the EU

Apple is sharing new business terms available for developers’ apps in the European Union. Developers can choose to adopt these new business terms, or stay on Apple’s existing terms. For existing developers who want nothing to change for them — from how the App Store works currently and in the rest of the world — no action is needed, and they can continue to distribute their apps only on the App Store and use its private and secure In-App Purchase system. Developers must adopt the new business terms for EU apps to use the new capabilities for alternative distribution or alternative payment processing. For apps in the EU member states where the DMA is taking effect, the following options will be available:

Today’s capabilities and terms — the same capabilities and terms used today, where developers distribute on the App Store and pay Apple a commission on the sale of digital goods and services. Developers continuing with these capabilities and terms for their EU apps do not need to take any further action, and can continue to:

  • Distribute their iOS apps on the App Store; and
  • Use the secure App Store In-App Purchase system to process in-app transactions.

New capabilities and terms for apps in the EU — where developers have additional distribution and payment processing options available. Apple will apply a reduced commission, an optional payment processing fee, and a fee for first annual installs above one million in the last 12 months. Developers on these terms will be able to:

  • Distribute their iOS apps on the App Store and/or alternative app marketplaces; and
  • Process payments using the secure App Store In-App Purchase system, an alternative payment service provider, and/or after linking-out to your webpage from your app.

For developers who choose to agree to the new business terms in the EU, membership in the Apple Developer Program includes one million first annual installs per year for free for apps distributed from the App Store and/or alternative marketplaces. Developers who achieve exceptional scale on iOS in the EU will pay a Core Technology Fee of €0.50 for each first annual install over one million in the past 12 months.

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