App Store submissions now open for the latest OS releases

App Store submissions now open for the latest OS releases

iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, tvOS 17, and watchOS 10 will soon be available to customers worldwide. Build your apps and games using the Xcode 15 Release Candidate and latest SDKs, test them using TestFlight, and submit them for review to the App Store. You can now start deploying seamlessly to TestFlight and the App Store from Xcode Cloud. With exciting new capabilities, as well as major enhancements across languages, frameworks, tools, and services, you can deliver even more unique experiences on Apple platforms.

Xcode and Swift. Xcode 15 enables you to code and design your apps faster with enhanced code completion, interactive previews, and live animations. Swift unlocks new kinds of expressive and intuitive APIs by introducing macros. The new SwiftData framework makes it easy to persist data using declarative code. And SwiftUI brings support for creating more sophisticated animations with phases and keyframes, and simplified data flows using the new Observation framework.

Widgets and Live Activities. Widgets are now interactive and run in new places, like StandBy on iPhone, the Lock Screen on iPad, the desktop on Mac, and the Smart Stack on Apple Watch. With SwiftUI, the system adapts your widget’s color and spacing based on context, extending its usefulness across platforms. Live Activities built with WidgetKit and ActivityKit are now available on iPad to help people stay on top of what’s happening live in your app.

Metal. The new game porting toolkit makes it easier than ever to bring games to Mac and the Metal shader converter dramatically simplifies the process of converting your game’s shaders and graphics code. Scale your games and production renderers to create even more realistic and detailed scenes with the latest updates to ray tracing. And take advantage of many other enhancements that make it even simpler to deliver fantastic games and pro apps on Apple silicon.

App Shortcuts. When you adopt App Shortcuts, your app’s key features are now automatically surfaced in Spotlight, letting people quickly access the most important views and actions in your app. A new design makes running your app’s shortcuts even simpler and new natural language capabilities let people execute your shortcuts with their voice with more flexibility.

App Store. It’s now even simpler to merchandise your in-app purchases and subscriptions across all platforms with new SwiftUI views in StoreKit. You can also test more of your product offerings using the latest enhancements to StoreKit testing in Xcode, the Apple sandbox environment, and TestFlight. With pre-orders by region, you can build customer excitement by offering your app in new regions with different release dates. And with the most dynamic and personalized app discovery experience yet, the App Store helps people find more apps through tailored recommendations based on their interests and preferences.

And more. Learn about advancements in machine learning, Object Capture, Maps, Passkeys, SharePlay, and so much more.

Starting in April 2024, apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK, tvOS 17 SDK, or watchOS 10 SDK (or later).

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