Challenge: Create a reactive soundscape

Bring on the noise: It's time for a sound design challenge! We're inviting you to experiment with creative ways to manipulate sound on iPhone and iPad using its myriad sensors, inputs, and variable states. (Think of typing on the iOS keyboard — where the key sounds get gradually quieter the faster you type.) Explore over 70 audio files from Apple sound designers and create a sonic experience of your very own!

We also welcome you to visit the Design Study Hall during the day to collaborate on this challenge! Ask questions, connect with other developers and designers, and share your creations.

Begin the challenge

First, download our challenge sound library. In it, you’ll find more than 70 audio files from Apple sound designers, including:

  • ChromaticScale: Includes 13 one-shot audio files that make up the musical notes of a chromatic scale.
  • InstrumentalLoops: 155 bpm sound files that can be seamlessly looped, combined, and layered.
  • OneShots: One-shot sounds that can be used as alerts, notifications, and more.
  • Samples: Sustaining samples of one note each.
  • SineLoops: Looping pad sounds formed with sine waves. Much like the InstrumentalLoops, they can be layered, added, and removed.
  • SwitchesAndTaps: User-interface sounds.
  • Misc: A collection of fun and inspiring sounds.

Download sounds for the challenge

Using any of these attached sounds and AVAudioEngine, we invite you to create a sonic on-device experience that changes based on sensor input or device state. Consider factors like touch input, motion and acceleration sensing, GPS or compass position, ambient light sensing, and camera or microphone input.

  • Could you use touch gestures to morph a looping sound’s frequency or amplitude?
  • Could you use a device’s motion sensor to trigger a sound — or use the accelerometer to change the relative volumes of multiple sounds triggered at once?
  • Could you use GPS to change a notification sound based on your distance from home?
  • If your app detected a clap through the microphone input, could it trigger a sound? Could you use the amplitude of that microphone input to determine which sound plays?
  • Are there other variables that could be used to affect audio playback — time of day, weather, stock prices?
  • How could these ideas impact your existing projects?

For inspiration, check out the Human Interface Guidelines on creating great audio experiences, and explore Apple developer documentation.

Human Interface Guidelines - Playing Audio


Core Motion

Core Location

Nearby Interaction


Share your sonic creations on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges, or share your work in the Design Study Hall. And if you'd like to discuss sound design and other design topics, join the team at events all throughout the week at WWDC22.

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